Automatic Drop Height Controller

Better conveyor height control improves product quality.
Less grade-out with less stress!

"Installed quickly. Helps the operator. Protects crop and equipment."
Gary Naslund
4-Row Double L pull-type potato harvester
  • Works on a wide variety of equipment with electric-over-hydraulic or with electric actuator conveyor adjustment functions. May be used on bin fillers and other storage conveyors as well as on field equipment.
  • No extra hydraulics makes installation a quick and simple job.
  • Easy to use step-by-step menu system with auto calibration function.
  • Durable Well designed components will stand the test of time and require little maintenance.
  • Alternative applications.  Other versions of this system are available for control of sprayer boom height and combine header height (the RiteHeight system) as well as for automatic depth control for root crop harvesters and vegetable toppers (the RiteDepth system).
Controller with sealed keypad and bright display to engage/disengage automatic mode and to navigate the simple menu system for set-up, fine-tuning, and diagnostics.
Sonar sensor in a sturdy self-pivoting bracket. The sensor is rugged, completely sealed from dust and moisture for years of trouble-free operation.

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More Product Info

Conveyor height control on root crop and vegetable harvesters as well as on storage equipment, is still mostly a manual job for the operator. Operators must constantly watch the drop height and manually adjust the conveyor height to minimize the drop and so minimize bruise damage. This is fatiguing and stressful and sometimes hard to learn for an inexperienced operator.

The RiteDrop system virtually automates conveyor and drop height control. Not only can the operator relax a little and pay more attention to other aspects of running the harvesting or storage equipment, he may also deliver a higher percentage of bruise free and marketable product and so add to the bottom line.


Ordering Information

Part #: RD430-2
Price: Contact your nearest dealer for further details and pricing.

System includes Controller, Interface Box, one sonar sensor  with mounting  bracket, sufficient wiring to suit most installations, installation and operator’s manual.  Installation not included and to be arranged by purchaser. One year limited warranty, with free technical support via telephone, fax, or email.