Automatic Depth & Distance Controller

Consistent control improves capacity, reduces wear and delivers a cleaner, higher quality product!
The RiteDepth system provides automatic, accurate and consistent depth and distance control on root crop harvesters and vegetable flail mowers (toppers).

"Wonderful addition to our windrower! Much more even flow; cleaner digging with fewer cut potatoes."
Andrew Waugh
Summerside, PEI 4-Row Donny Allen potato windrower
  • Adaptable to all machines with solenoid or relay operated raise and lower functions. May be used on seeding, topping, windrowing and harvesting equipment.
  • Configurable to suit your machine and field conditions.
  • No extra hydraulics makes installation a quick and simple job.
  • Easy to use step-by-step menu system with auto calibration.
  • Alternative applications. See our other versions: the RiteHeight and RiteDrop systems.
Controller with sealed keypad and bright display to navigate the simple menu system for quick set-up and diagnostics.
The rugged sensor is sealed from dust and moisture for years of trouble-free operation.

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More Product Info

Depth or Distance Control Comparison.

Mechanical control (wheels or rollers)


Requires constant operator input.

Works automatically without operator input.

Requires frequent maintenance.

Few components and very little maintenance.

Hinders visibility through the intake.

Allows clear unobstructed view.

Can interfere with crop flow.

Small components mounted out of the way.

Wheels or rollers may crush crop.

Components do not touch the soil or crop.

Adds substantial weight

Components weigh very little

Significant initial and long term cost.

Affordable to add; very low long term costs.

The system works with one or  two rugged sonar sensors  mounted to read off the top of the row and connected to the shared mounting frame. Signals from the sensors are interpreted by a small controller which automatically lifts and lowers the shared frame as needed. This maintains a very consistent digging depth even when the harvester works in hilly or uneven terrain or when soil conditions change (from dry to wet or from packed to loose soil).

Digging depth or topper distance control are  among the most important factors in optimizing equipment performance and marketable yield. Gauge wheels or rollers are common mechanical devices used to achieve the correct depth or distance. These systems have limited versatility requiring the operator to make frequent on-the-go adjustments. The RiteDepth system automates the adjustments, improving performance and easing operator stress.


Ordering Information   Part #: RDC430-1
Price: Contact your nearest dealer for further details and pricing.

System includes Controller, Interface Box, one Sonar Sensor with mounting bracket, sufficient wiring to suit most installations, installation and operator’s manual.  Installation not included and to be arranged by purchaser. One year limited warranty, with free technical support via telephone, fax, or email.