Automatic Belt Slip Monitor

Monitor and detect belt slippage BEFORE blockage and damage occur.

  • Suitable on a wide variety of equipment to monitor speed & slippage of conveyors (solid belt or belted chain), V-belt driven pulleys, sprockets, and friction clutches.
  • Simple calibration procedure automatically measures normal operating speeds of all monitored belts.
  • Expandable. The basic kit includes sensors and wiring to monitor three separate conveyors or belts. Extra sensors with wiring may be purchased to monitor up to ten conveyors. Further expansion is possible for customized installations.
  • Can be configured to send an alarm when one conveyor in a series fails to start after the others start.
  • Few componentsinstallation is a quick and simple job.
  • Easy to use step-by-step menu system.
  • Durable.  Well designed components will stand the test of time and require little maintenance.
Controller with sealed keypad and bright display to navigate the simple menu system for set-up, fine-tuning, and diagnostics. An internal alarm sounds when the pre-set slip percentage is exceeded and the display shows which belt is slipping.
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More Product Info

The RiteSpeed system consists of several sensors and a small controller.
It continuously compares speed of the input drive shaft to the speeds of idler shafts and rollers. When the ratio falls outside a preselected range, the system sounds an alarm and shows the operator which conveyor or belt is slipping too much. The operator can reduce ground speed or stop the machine before it is plugged and before damage occurs.

Ordering Information

Part #: SM100-4
Price: Contact your nearest dealer for further details and pricing.

System includes Controller, Interface Box, 4 shaft sensor, magnets, sufficient wiring to suit most installations, installation and operator’s manual.  Installation not included and to be arranged by purchaser. One year limited warranty, with free technical support via telephone, fax, or email.