Rate Monitor RM100

Fertilizer Application Rate Monitor and On-Board Weighing System

The application rate monitor provides a convenient and low-cost double check on the calibration and output of application equipment.

  • Display on-the-go application rate, as well as average rate and weight remaining.
  • Record acreages and total applied product for up to 99 fields and test plots.
  • Quick calibration. Tare calibration is very simple and easily repeated as needed.
  • Refill. The RM100 auto-detects refills and prompts the operator to start the new load.
  • Durable. Well designed components will stand the test of time and require little maintenance.
  • Tilt compensation option. For operating in hilly fields.
Controller with sealed keypad and bright display to show application data and to navigate the simple menu system.
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More Product Info

The Rate Monitor RM100 provides On-the-go application rate plus rolling average and totals for up to 99 fields and test plots.

Avoid low yield, waste, additional costs, and environmental issues by adjusting the application rate.

Helps avoid off-target application rates due to load-to-load inconsistency in product density, quality, humidity, and other factors that affect application rates.

Ordering Information

Part #: RM100-xxx
Price: Contact your nearest dealer for further details and pricing.

System includes Controller, Interface Box, up to eight load cells, optional tilt compensation module, auger sensor, wheel sensor, sufficient wiring to suit most installations, installation and operator’s manual. Mounting brackets and installation not included and to be arranged by purchaser. This is not a legal-for-trade weighing system. One year limited warranty, with free technical support via telephone, fax, or email.