Fully Automated Track & Trace System

"Running the system has been easier and simpler than expected. We are confident in the data. The Bin Maps with links back to Field Maps help us understand more about quality differences and support us with traceability recording. "
P&K Vanderzaag Farms
Alliston, Ontario

Creates a complete detailed data set allowing growers to locate where each load came from and where it is in storage. Fulfills many crop traceability requirements. Detailed field and bin maps provide transparency and build confidence with buyers and processors.

Quality characteristics are easily traced from storage to specific areas in the field. Data may be used for efficiency analysis and reports. Suitable for all types of growers from seed to table stock to processing.

Modular design to suit all types of small to large operations. Clean, straightforward, design allowing easy self-installation and set-up. Available as a stand-alone solution or in combination with a yield monitor system.

Already of a Greentronics yield monitor? Order the RiteTrace system with an up-to-date Monitor and receive a rebate upon returning the original yield monitor console.

Controller with sealed keypad and bright display to show harvest data and to navigate the simple menu system.
Shaft sensor picking up rotation speed from a small magnet clamped to the shaft. To calculate accurate yield data, the system needs to know the conveyor speed as it varies with PTO rpm or oil flow.

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More Product Info

Greentronics is well-known for its yield monitor and conveyor scale products specifically designed for the root crop and vegetable industries. Growers use yield maps to study and manage variability in their fields and generate report cards on their progress. In recent years, with concerns about food safety, various regulations related to crop traceability have been put in place. Much of the required record keeping is time consuming and does not add real value to the business. By automating the record keeping jobs and precisely logging data for harvest dates, times and locations and where each load is located in storages, the RiteTrace system offers a clear and straightforward method for linking stored produce back to locations in the fields. This fulfills many traceability requirements. It also offers agronomic benefits in allowing growers to track quality in storage back to the field. Reports can be reviewed or made available to shippers, buyers and processors to provide transparency and settle questions quickly. Data can be used to study and report on efficiences and traffic flow. The RiteTrace is available as a stand-alone system but can also be purchased in combination with a RiteYield yield monitor.

Learn More:

To learn some more about the RiteTrace system, be sure to take a look at our informational video and/or read the overview of the RiteTrace system. Click the links below to see the video or overview.
RiteTrace – Product Overview
RiteTrace – Informational Video

Ordering Information:

RTH430 RiteTrace Harvester Monitor – includes Monitor with ruggedized USB flash drive and RAM mount, Interface Box, Boom Shaft Sensor, and Scanner. One needed per harvester.

RTR430 RiteTrace Receiving Station Monitor – includes Monitor with ruggedized USB flash drive and RAM mount, Interface Box, Boom Shaft Sensor, and Scanner. One needed per receiving station.

RTP430 RiteTrace Bin Piler Position Monitor – includes Monitor with ruggedized USB flash drive and RAM mount, Interface Box, Boom Shaft Sensor, Tilt sensor, Boom Extension Sensor, Boom Swing Sensor, and Piler Travel Sensor. One needed per piler.

RTT430 RiteTrace Truck Transponder – includes Transponder with mounting bracket and Shaft Sensor. One needed per truck.

All items above include sufficient wiring to suit most applications, installation and operator’s manuals. GPS receiver not included. Installation not included and to be arranged by purchaser. One year limited warranty and technical support via phone, fax, or email.

Price: Contact your nearest dealer for further details and pricing.